Times are definitely strange, scary, and, at best, confusing these days. Whether it's someone who has contracted the virus themselves, one of the medical professionals on the front lines of the battle we're now fighting, or one of the many who've had their world's turned upside down in a matter of days, my heart goes out to everyone who is fighting through this right now.

One thing's for sure, it certainly feels weird trying to sell a product during a time like this. This likely isn't the first email you've gotten with a similar message over the past several days. Brands and small businesses are in a tough spot right now. Keeping things going "business as usual" doesn't feel right while going silent and letting our businesses fail obviously isn't an ideal option either. Maybe there's a middle ground with some sense of normalcy? Is this the best option? I'm not sure but that's what we're going with.

So, here we are, releasing The Sport Ripple in Rust a few days earlier than planned. We're incredibly grateful that our shoemaker in Maine was able to get us these shoes to us before any manufacturing involving 10+ people within the US becomes untenable. We got the pairs last week and they look great!

As part of the release, we're launching our STAYHEALTHYSTAYHAPPY Sale. If you're lucky enough to only be facing the challenge of self-quarantining in the comfort of your home, you can take 20% off while shopping our entire site, no code necessary (discount reflected in current prices listed on our site). If you still haven't made your first purchase, you can take an additional 10% off with the code WELCOMETOSF10.

Rather than put an end date on the sale and create a sense of urgency, we're going to keep it live for as long as this strange time lasts, which unfortunately seems like it will be longer than any of us expected.

I'm not going to recommend how anyone spend their time during this unfortunate new, albeit temporary, normal. And I'm going to assume you're all following the advice to help end this time ASAP.

I will be trying to lighten the mental load for all of you in a small way, everyday. I'll be sharing a daily song through our IG account and adding it to our DAILY CONSCIOUS PLEASURE playlist on Spotify. The music won't follow a specific genre. It will lean towards upbeat and uplifting, to lighthearted and calming, and reflect my many influences.

Take a listen, or not. Shop our sale, or not. Above all else, stay healthy, stay happy and stay safe!